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Your choice of Fujitsu heat pumps

Kiwi Air Conditioning offer you a wide choice of heat pumps for your home, office or commercial space.

Lifestyle Range

Model Cooling Capacity Heating Capacity
ASTG09KMTC 2.5kw 3.2kw
ASTG12KMTC 3.5kw 3.7kw
ASTG18KMTC 5.0kw 6.0kw
ASTG22KMTC 6.0kw 7.2kw
ASTG24KMTC 7.1kw 8.0kw
ASTG30KMTC 8.5kw 9.0kw
ASTG34KMTC 9.4kw 10.3kw

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Designer range

Model Cooling Capacity Heating Capacity
ASTG09KUCA 2.5kw 3.2kw
ASTG12KUCA 3.5kw 4.3kw
ASTG18KUCA 5.0kw 6.0kw

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Floor Console

Model Cooling Capacity Heating Capacity
AGTV09LAC 2.6kw 3.5kw
AGTV14LAC 4.2kw 5.2kw

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Compact Cassette

Model Cooling Capacity Heating Capacity
AGTV09LAC 2.6kw 3.5kw
AGTV14LAC 4.2kw 5.2kw

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Fujitsu Heat Pumps in Auckland

At Kiwi Air Conditioning, we are an authorised installer of Fujitsu heat pumps. We operate throughout the Auckland area with expert advice and quality workmanship guaranteed. Plus, as we are an accredited Fujitsu installer, you’ll get an extended six-year warranty as standard.

You’ll also benefit from the superb and reliable performance of Fujitsu heat pumps.

High Wall Models

  • Lifestyle, Designer, and Classic ranges
  • Up to 10.3kW of heating power depending on the option you choose
  • Modern design that is slim and unobtrusive
  • Fits in seamlessly with the decor in your room
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • High-quality filters to improve air quality

There is also an automatic energy-saving function on some systems. With this feature, the unit automatically switches to energy-saving mode if its sensor can’t detect movement in the room for 20 minutes. It then automatically returns to the setting when movement is again detected.

Floor Console Models

  • Dual fans on some models that quickly heats or cools the room before then maintaining a comfortable temperature
  • High-quality filters to purify the air
  • Compact and high-capacity options available
  • Quiet operation

Compact Cassettes

  • Installed on your ceiling so blend into the room to become practically invisible
  • Distributes air three or four ways, depending on where it is installed
  • Turbo fan feature available on some options to heat or cool a room quickly
  • Air is spread widely in the room
  • Wall controller option

Multi-Room Systems

  • Control the temperature in multiple rooms in your house
  • Minimises the number of outdoor units required as a single outdoor unit can heat and cool up to six rooms
  • Indoor units can be high wall, floor, ceiling, compact cassette, or slim duct
  • Range of controller options available including infrared and LCD controllers
  • Ability to operate each indoor unit independently
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient

Ducted Systems

  • Achieve an even temperature throughout your home
  • Zone control so you can vary the settings in different parts and rooms of your house
  • Indoor units are completely hidden, leaving a clean finish
  • Energy efficient
  • Timer with set-and-forget functionality

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